2019 Winter Registration Fees

Returning Summer Player (2019 Winter) $234.56
Returning Summer Player Full Time Student (2019 Winter) $149.56
New Adult Player (2019 Winter) $350.00
New Player Full Time Student (2019 Winter) $265.00


  1. Minimum Age to play in the PCBL seniors competition is 15 as at 1 April 2019;
  2. Returning Summer Players and Returning Full Time Student refers to players registered in the 2018/19 Summer season (as a senior or junior player) that have paid their State and National Capitation Fees. All other players not previously registered in the 2018/19 Summer season are classed as New Adult Players or New Player Full Time Student;
  3. Full Time Student also includes unemployed players;
  4. Fees include 1 adult Membership to the Concord RSL and Community Club (that can be redeemed by the player or any adult family member or friend) and 1 Adult Membership to the Concord Baseball Club;
  5. Registration fees do not include uniform items or personal player equipment such as gloves or cleats. Uniform items can be purchased separately from the club, personal player equipment can be purchased at a Baseball Store or online. (Team equipment such as bats helmets and catcher’s equipment is supplied by the club);
  6. All fees and any other charges such as uniform costs are to be fully paid before players can take the field.

Tamworth Invitational Carnival (June long weekend)

Player Entry Fee $50

*Tournament Registration Fee $50 (*Only required for players not registered for the 2018/19 Summer or 2019 winter seasons).

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Tony Solano